Robyn’s audio CD: Singing and dance music from the Middle East!

Contents of the CD:

  • Turkish folk songs. The songs Leylâ and Karanfil, from eastern Turkey. Studio recording with the sazlar (Turkish lute) orchestra of the AMAN International Music and Dance Ensemble.
  • Persian classical music. A live performance of dastgâh Homayun. Instruments: târ (Persian lute), daire (frame drum). Sung in Persian.
  • Songs from the Republic of Georgia. Folk songs from the Caucasus mountains. Sung in Georgian. Live performance with Ralph Etheart. Instrument: changuri (Georgian fretless lute).
  • Persian dance music. A live performance in dastgâh Segâh. The song Kolâh Makhmali “felt hat”), followed by a reng (dance piece) by Khâlati, reng-e del-goshâh,
    and a reng by Rezâ Mahchubi. Instruments: târtonbak (hand drum, played by Susan Rudnicki). Sung in Persian.
  • Egyptian folk music. Dance music from upper Egypt. Instruments: ney (reed flute) and i>mazhar (large tambourine). Live performance. Sung in Arabic.
  • Karadeniz folk songs.  Three songs from the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.
  • Leyli-o-Majnun.  Persian poetry and dance music in the gushe of Leyli-o Majnun.
  • Alevi songs.  Spiritual music from rural Turkey.  Instruments saz and daire (played by Massoud Modirian)
  • Persian sufi music. A live performance of dastgâh Navâ, featuring poetry by Mowlânâ elâleddin Rumi. Instruments: târdaire. Sung in Persian.

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Robyn’s field recordings of the Qashqai of Fars Province, Iran

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