The Institute of Persian Performing Arts

The Institute of Persian Performing Arts was organized in order to promote the preservation and presentation of the arts and cultures of Iran and the surrounding areas. The Institute brings together and focuses the endeavors of outstanding scholars and artists from all over the world. The Institute provides musical instruction for instrumentalists and vocalists, and maintains a library of written, audio, and visual materials which are made available to qualified scholars and students. Other activities of the Institute include the establishment of a collection of cultural materials — musical instruments, costumes, works of art, and so forth — and the sponsorship of scholarly research, artistic endeavors, cross-cultural exchanges, and the construction of musical instruments. This includes the presentation of concerts by distinguished musical artists, the distribution of rare sound recordings, and the publishing of materials collected in the field by scholars from several different academic and artistic areas.

Director:  Dr. Robyn Friend

Secretary / Treasurer:  Dr. Neil Siegel

Research Associates:  Dr. Margaret L. Caton, Dr. Ali Jihad Racy


The Institute was founded by Morteza Varzi, one of the great masters of Persian traditional music.

Publications include:

     “Hafez: Erfan and Music”, by Margaret L. Caton and Ostad Morteza Varzi

     “Cultural Parameters of Iranian Musical Expression, edited by Margaret L. Caton and Neil Siegel

The Institute of Persian Performing Arts is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.

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